Sarah Jane Dunaway, the creator behind the beloved Clean & Proper blog and podcast, now brings you her latest online venture, the I Have Struggles blog, featuring humorous stories on motherhood, marriage and manners.

Sarah Jane Dunaway

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. There’s a chance you too will cringe or nod with embarrassment. Her down-to-earth stories are occasionally hilarious, but always honest.

As a full-time working mother and owner of a branding and creative agency, Sarah Jane shares her insight on striving to uphold a proper life, and her constant fall from grace as she struggles hourly to balance working, motherhood, marriage, and maintaining a sense of dignity.

She lives in Washington, DC with her 3-year old daughter, and West Coast-born and -raised husband who is often referred to anonymously on the blog as, The Beau.




  • Ida
    Posted March 27, 2013 11:14 0Likes

    Happy SITS day! You have such wonderful cleaning and organizing tips! Can’t wait to learn more. Now following on Twitter as @scggirl!

  • Jeanette Marie (@LoveFitLive)
    Posted April 20, 2013 13:01 0Likes

    I discovered your blog via the SITS girls and I love it! So many great tips here – I especially love your tips on etiquette, as that’s something not many blogs offer! 🙂 Following you on Twitter now as @lovefitlive!

    • Sarah Jane
      Posted April 22, 2013 13:05 0Likes

      Thank you Jeanette Marie and so happy you like it! 🙂

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